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Join our tribe and share stories and real life experiences with like minded individuals going through the same awakening you are. Others interested in learning more about meditation as a tool for expanding consciousness and creating ecstatic community.

Our mission is to empower people to learn, grow, heal and share and create a supportive community. We believe in using natural approaches to support the mind, body and spirit in creating a healthy, well- balanced life of harmony and purpose.

We are committed to creating a conscious community to share and grow with each other and we hope that you will join us!

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Challenge your limitations. Discover yourself. Expand to new heights you’ve never experienced before.

expand to new heights

Challenge your limitations with our free resources to grow and expand to new heights you’ve never experienced before.

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We will be bringing you our real life experiences as well as life experiences of other people in order to navigate you through this world as it continues to unfold.


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News from the conscious hub, read our blog to stay updated, and get helpful tips to further enlighten your journey of self discovery.

MBS Wellbeing Festival 2021 Article

MBS Wellbeing Festival 2021 Article

Date: 20 – 21 November 2021
Venue: St Raphael Resort, Cyprus

Access Your True Potential

Access Your True Potential

Discover The Ultimate Blueprint To Super Human Confidence.

Wake Up! Go Big & Live Extraordinarily!

Wake Up! Go Big & Live Extraordinarily!

The more YOU you are the more you will stand out and be seen!


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Now is the time to be real. Now is the time to be honest. Now is the time to be rare. It’s time to take action to reflect who you truly are, where all paradigms of separation and resistance no longer apply.

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